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Marketing strategy
Review, analysis, development

To develop or refine your marketing strategy andLIFE offers personalized support that, in accordance with your company’s values , will identify the means and actions to implement in order to achieve your marketing objectives and / or commercial goals.

andLIFE brings you an objective analysis of your business or organization , its environment and its challenges . This analysis is suitable for either the company, the business unit, a unique product, service, etc…

andLIFE is the guarantee of a strategic program tailored to your areas of activity: a vision developed to serve your future.

Marketing execution
Plan, Execution, Tracking, Review

A marketing plan is the essential element of any marketing activity. Whether it be for a product, service or commercial development.

In addition to being guided in your marketing activities, the marketing plan identifies the return on investment (ROI) that is expected as a result of implementing the plan.
With the range of communications options now available to every business, andLIFE advises and becomes your committed partner to develop winning strategies that deliver a quantifiable return on investment Given the proliferation of means of communication and the choice now available, andLIFE advises and becomes an expert and committed partner.

andLIFE accompanies you through the Planning, Execution, Tracking, Review and Follow-up steps that ensure a consistent result from your marketing and communication activities.

Operational marketing
Management & Coordination

This is the implementation , management and coordination of the marketing plan.

As the digital landscape evolves, so too does the proliferation of media channels available.

The marketing plan developed with andLIFE provides a unique added value; market knowledge, experience and the dedication to maximising the ROI to achieve your marketing plan’s agreed objectives

Our knowledge, our skills , our expertise provides security and serenity to manage your marketing projects.

Our project management ensures that each element meets the requirements and specifications, including the planning, management and deployment of the project team during the project.

We also willingly offer the ongoing follow-up via continued support to your own internal team’s learning, improving internal competencies and performance after the delivery of each project.