To develop or refine your marketing strategy andLIFE offers personalized support that, in accordance with your company’s values , will identify the means and actions to implement in order to achieve your marketing objectives and / or commercial goals…

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A marketing plan is the essential element of any marketing activity. Whether it be for a product, service or commercial development.

In addition to being guided in your marketing activities, the marketing plan identifies the return on investment (ROI) that is expected as a result of implementing the plan.

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This is the implementation, management and coordination of the marketing plan.

As the digital landscape evolves, so too does the proliferation of media channels available.

The marketing plan developed with andLIFE provides a unique added value…

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Digital Media & Audiovisual

Digital media, digital signage and traditional broadcast media are all available media today.

Before you even choose which media to use, the marketing strategy should be defined in advance . After identifying key target audiences, values and messages, the implementation of the marketing strategy will define the best media to use. Additional marketing support can be generated via an integrated strategy including organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search).
andLIFE can develop or assist with these possible choices and can implement and manage across graphic design, writing, programming, and other professional services with experienced project management experience.

Print Media


A recent neurological study revealed behavioral differences between populations exposed to printed or digital information.

The reader of print media reads articles that are longer. Their concentration is maintained by the virtual absence of parasitic interactive entertainment. Print media is a media that should not be overlooked as it is available in many formats, easily accessible, attractive, versatile and creative. Print media is an essential visual support for your customer communication :

• With your customers or suppliers; via business cards , brochures, catalogs or presentation of progress reports .

• Newspapers are an everyday media, a source of information inspiring confidence, while magazines create membership through their entertaining content.

• Direct mail is considered today as THE leading format targeting a broad public delivering a message for targeted sales.

• The distribution of door-to-door flyers still offers an enviable return on investment. Catalogs still encourage customers to buy.

Individually, each channel plays a vital marketing role. Used in a considered combination with other media, they are an extremely effective strategy for any campaign, any brand.

Whether creating or changing a corporate identity or brand, andLIFE is the professional partner that links to all media and tools between the printed media and the virtual space.

Media Special events


Event marketing includes all the marketing techniques necessary for the deployment of events to promote a brand, product or organization to different audiences.

It should attract the attention of consumers and make an impression , to obtain media and social benefits opportunities to promote the brand image , the subject of the event.

Promotion via internet of event marketing operations is now the norm. Indeed , social networks maximize the potential audience through the phenomenon of social amplification.

The success depends on the quality and originality of the event. andLIFE accompanies you throughout these events : Marketing , identity management, promotion etc…

A full turnkey service !


The concept of signage refers to a variety of media :

Like those promotions for sale, advertising items and clothing, vehicle fleet markings and windows (institutional or commercial) , signs, directional signage, informational, cultural, construction panels…

The application fields of the type are numerous :

• Guide and inform the customer about the services / products , facilitating purchases

• Seduce the customer – Promoting innovation

• Differentiate themselves from the competition and highlight its business

The exterior and interior signage for buildings subject to prior flow studies, installation technique and aesthetic purpose, development of signage charter, especially when an identity changes .

It is often performed in conjunction with architects, interior designers, technical managers, cultural or marketing teams.

andLIFE creates innovative signage, dynamic and punchy.

andLIFE offers a winning combination of media formats reinforcing your identity and your needs, guaranteeing maximum media presence to power your business strategy.